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We are your one-stop virtual shop for everything “wellness” in Saskatchewan! Think of us as an upscale online phone book – except much better! Or, a virtual shopping mall – except you’re shopping your options of wellness + self-empowerment-based businesses in our area.

Together, our driven + passionate wellness-based business members help our clients eat well, feel well, sleep well, and be well in every facet of their life.

We strive to connect the people of Saskatchewan to alternative + wellness-based industries to create a “lit” community – a community of well people.

For our business members and also our audience of potential clients, we meet you where you’re at and inspire you to grow + take charge of your own life!


I truly resonate with taking the path less travelled. I’m the type to go where my heart, my soul, and the evidence guides me, and quite often, this is outside the mainstream.

While I started in the mainstream as a regular physical therapist, I spent the last half of my 15-year physio career using a holistic + advanced model and running my own clinic Within Physical Therapy in Moose Jaw, Sk. While WPT was a wild success story, I chose to further walk the path less travelled by pivoting to a wellness coaching business in October, 2020 after closing WPT. So, I’m unique in that I couple science with intuitive + energetic work as a wellness + personal coach in my business Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching, and I bring forward knowledge from the 21 years I devoted to my prior physio career.

I had the vision to formulate The Lit Garden as my second business within twenty days of launching Step Within. I am beyond thankful that my mom, Maggie, agreed to partner with me and help bring The Lit Garden to life.

I am also oh-so grateful that you are here checking it out and I sincerely hope you find all you need to live a life of wellness. True wellness which, to me, means we are absolutely thriving in all areas of life including our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship, and professional areas. My vision + intention has always been to create + spread wellness, and my chosen methods of doing that have simply adapted, changed, and grown over the years.  Want to know more? Keep reading this site and/or visit  www.StepWithin.ca!

To living our most lit life,

Lynne Brochu


I remember my love of teaching elementary school students. I taught 2-3 grades in the classroom, and loved the family atmosphere in the small rural education setting.

Many years later, I battled many health ailments and eventually cancer which ended my teaching career.  After cancer, I reconnected with energetic healing and found it to be incredibly beneficial. It didn’t take me long to commit to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher where I offer reiki sessions and teach Usui reiki courses through my business Believe.

I also have a keen interest in Bach Flower Remedies which aid with managing stress + emotions, and I’m happy to be able to offer free Bach Flower consultations to the people of Moose jaw + area. I am also one of, at most, a few practitioners in Saskatchewan who is a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner and who is able to make you your own individual bottle consisting of the remedies that you specifically need.

I’m happy to say that I have been cancer free for over 12 years now, and I fully believe that’s due to me embracing energetic healing. I feel called to pay it forward and to support others in their journey of wellness because life is truly worth living with nothing holding you back.

You can read more about me and my business Believe at www.BelieveWithMaggie.com!

To our mutual utmost wellness,

Maggie Brochu