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We felt the same way which is why we created The Lit Garden!

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We created The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop quite simply because we identified a need for it.  We all need wellness now, more than ever.  And wellness means many things – it is multi faceted, like us!

And like many of you, we made rather grand pivots and embraced life-changes due to the pandemic. We went from interacting daily with many clients in our wellness-based industries to being abruptly shut down & unable to continue life as we knew it.

We now recognize that these days, it’s incredibly important to have a strong online presence, but we’ve also learned that it is difficult & time consuming to reach the right audience & have that audience turn into clients.

To us, it appeared that everyone was going at it alone. Battling alone. Having the mentality of “every man for himself” and struggling to reach their ideal audience. Let’s be real, hasn’t there been enough aloneness?

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We are a community of like-minded passionate & collaborative business owners throughout Saskatchewan bringing our clients the most efficient & easy access to everything wellness. We are high-achieving & driven professionals that have the knowledge & know-how you’re looking for, and yet we remain humble & down-to-earth.

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Lynne Brochu

Maggie Brochu