We created The Lit Garden: Virtual wellness shop quite simply because we identified a need for it. Like many, we made rather grand pivots and embraced life-changes due to the pandemic. We went from interacting daily with many clients in our alternative + wellness-based industries to being abruptly shut down and unable to continue life as we knew it.

We now recognize that these days, it’s incredibly important to have a strong online presence, but we’ve also learned that it is difficult + time consuming to reach the right audience + have that audience turn into clients.

To us, it appeared that everyone was going at it alone. Battling alone. Having the mentality of “every man for himself” and putting in their own time, money, research, + effort trying to reach their audience.

Hasn’t there been enough aloneness?

What if you, as an alternative + wellness-based business owner could join a community that shares your target audience? What if you could be put right in front of your ideal client? Your dream client? That’s essentially Part One of why we’re here and why we developed The Lit Garden.

And for our audience of potential clients, what if you could easily search your options for alternative businesses in Moose Jaw + area that are all about self-empowerment + creating wellness? Enough with the boring + unengaging directory listings that are hard to find, uninformative, and difficult to navigate. That’s essentially Part Two of why we’re here and why we developed The Lit Garden.

The Lit Garden not only promotes alternative + wellness-based businesses, but genuinely wants to connect each business member to their dream clients in an engaging + inviting way. For both our business members + our audience of potential clients, we meet you where you’re at and inspire you to grow + take charge of your own life!

In short, we are your one-stop virtual shop for everything “wellness” in Moose Jaw + area! Think of us as an upscale online phone book – except much better! Or, a virtual shopping mall – except you’re shopping your options of wellness + self-empowerment-based businesses.

We strive to connect the people of Moose Jaw + area to alternative + wellness-based industries to a create a “lit” community – a community of well people.