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Violet Wilde’s Wilde Soul book club! Hello Saskatchewan! I am Violet, owner of Wilde Soul Wellness.  I am a well-being life coach, intuitive energy practitioner, and seeker of all things magical and mystical.  I believe that everyone has a shining light within, an inner spark that wants to be revealed to fully embrace who you […]

Wellness Partner Patricia Barclay

More from Patricia Barclay of Energy Design Interiors! Hello, I’m Patricia Barclay, Founder of Energy Design Interiors.  I’m a Living Energy Alignment Practitioner working with people through their living, work +/or land environments to move through loss, heartbreak, big life changes, or balancing a home & place that just doesn’t feel right. Homes are the […]

Wellness Partner Violet Wilde

More from Violet Wilde of Wilde Soul Wellness! Hi there!  I’m Violet Wilde of Wilde Soul Wellness!  I am a certified life coach utilizing several energy & spiritual healing modalities, herbalism, and holistic nutrition.  I grew up on the Canadian prairies & have lived in Saskatoon for over 30 years.  After a 25-year chemistry career, […]


The Lit Garden in the press! Hello Saskatchewan!  We love you & want to thank you for your outpouring of support!  Many of you have reached out expressing how much you share in our vision, and well, we feel that’s pretty LIT of you! We are Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory!  And our community is […]

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Need more reasons to join? Look no further! Hello fellow Saskatchewanian!  Thanks for being here!  We are Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory – a growing community of local Saskatchewan wellness businesses.  We are securing accountable & exceptional business Partners NOW to fill up our 24/7, 365 online wellness tradeshow so that the people of Saskatchewan […]

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This one’s for you, Partners! Hello Saskatchewan!  We are your Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop – Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory!  And this one’s for you, wellness entrepreneurs! Wellness entrepreneurs, come secure a table in our permanent 24/7 & 365 online wellness tradeshow!  We are ready & able to help you ever-grow, thrive & succeed […]