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Violet Wilde’s Wilde Soul book club! Hello Saskatchewan! I am Violet, owner of Wilde Soul Wellness.  I am a well-being life coach, intuitive energy practitioner, and seeker of all things magical and mystical.  I believe that everyone has a shining light within, an inner spark that wants to be revealed to fully embrace who you […]

Wellness Partner Patricia Barclay

More from Patricia Barclay of Energy Design Interiors! Hello, I’m Patricia Barclay, Founder of Energy Design Interiors.  I’m a Living Energy Alignment Practitioner working with people through their living, work +/or land environments to move through loss, heartbreak, big life changes, or balancing a home & place that just doesn’t feel right. Homes are the […]

Wellness Partner Violet Wilde

More from Violet Wilde of Wilde Soul Wellness! Hi there!  I’m Violet Wilde of Wilde Soul Wellness!  I am a certified life coach utilizing several energy & spiritual healing modalities, herbalism, and holistic nutrition.  I grew up on the Canadian prairies & have lived in Saskatoon for over 30 years.  After a 25-year chemistry career, […]