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Intuitive Energetic Coaching

Lynne Brochu is a personal wellness Coach, Intuitive & Energy Healer.  Lynne also teaches courses based in Meditation & Energetic Healing for the Training in Power Academy!  Lynne is all about wellness, intuition, energy healing & brain-training.  Learn more about Lynne & how she strives to help all of her clients live a life of purpose, joy, serenity & freedom!

Believe With Maggie

Peace, Harmony & Healing

Maggie Brochu is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Energetic Healer/ Teacher of Training in Power courses & Bach Flower Remedies Consultant!  Maggie is all about offering peace harmony & healing to her clients through reiki, energy healing, teaching & Bach Flower Remedies that can be made custom just for you!  Learn more about Maggie, her trust & acceptance that miracles happen to those who believe & her ultimate goal of helping to alleviate people’s suffering.

Wilde Soul Wellness

Life Coaching for Your Mind, Body & Soul

Violet Wilde is a life & wellness coach with a variety of offerings including energy & spiritually based modalities, holistic nutrition & herbalist consults.  Violet believes optimal health & wellness is achieved when we align our mind, body & spirit as one. Through a holistic approach to well-being, Violet gives you the tools to begin your journey to a new you – the real you.  Learn more about Violet & how she strives to help all of her clients find positive well-being!

Energy Design Interiors

Create a home & life you never want to leave

Patricia Barclay of Energy Design Interiors is an energy alignment practitioner fusing the principles of energy design with personal transformation for you to create a home & life you love to be in.  Our living spaces are an important area in self care & wellness.  Learn more about Patricia & how through decluttering & energy design, you can create a home you love to be in, and ultimately how to love yourself home.