General Questions

If you’re wanting to shop your wellness options across the province, have at it!  That’s why we’re here!  And yes, it’s free!  If you’re a wellness business owner in Saskatchewan wanting to join us & become a Lit Garden Partner, we are an economic way to help your business thrive!  Read more on the JOIN PAGE.

We vet each & every Partner thoroughly.  We have a process in place where we assess each Partner’s expertise & ensure they’re a good fit for The Lit Garden.  We're looking for Partners with unique expertise, that have the qualities needed to be a wellness leader for Saskatchewan, who view their position as a Partner as an honor, privilege & call to service, and who are absolutely community-driven.  

We also ask you, the people of Saskatchewan, to NOMINATE any wellness business that you’ve had an exceptional customer service experience with. 

We also are incredibly mindful of any concerns raised to us about our Partners & we take those concerns seriously.  All of our Partners are trusted & accountable business owners.  We would accept nothing less into our garden!

Visit THE DIRECTORY page where you can search by key word or category to find Partners you’re interested in.  In the search bar, you can simply type online, hit the search button, and all the Partners who offer online services will pop up. 

As another option you can search by category, then click the “learn more” button on any Partner you're interested in, and to the right of their You Tube video you’ll see whether they offer in-person, online, or a hybrid of services.  

Visit THE DIRECTORY page where you can search your location as a key word!  In the search bar, simply type your city (or nearby cities) in, hit the search button, and all the Partners in that location will pop up. 

You can also search by category to find Partners you’re interested in.   And when you click the “learn more” button on any Partner you're interested in, you'll see to the right of their You Tube video whether they offer in-person, online, or a hybrid of services.  

Partner Questions

Excellent question!  Thank you!  We will absolutely be limiting the number of Partners accepted into each category.

Why?  In part because we want to mindful of wellness shoppers searching by category.  We want a few excellent options but not so many that it becomes overwhelming to the shopper.  And in part because we are having our chosen Partners be leaders in wellness, not only for their community but for all of Saskatchewan. 

The exact number that we'll limit Partners to per category will take into consideration several factors, including but not limited to, where the Partner is housed, if their wellness product/ service is offered online, in-person, or both, and the breadth of the category itself.  So, if you're interested, it's best to secure your spot now because Partner & category spots are limited!  There's many great perks for our first 20 Partners! 

We're looking for Partners with unique expertise, leadership qualities, & who view their position as a Partner as an honor, privilege & call to service.  Because that's what this is all about!

If that sounds like you, please learn more here on the JOIN PAGE!

We anticipate the cost to becoming a Partner of The Lit Garden will only go up!

Our annual cost is an incredibly inexpensive route in exchange for what you're getting.  We position you as a wellness expert for Saskatchewan and help with everything marketing, SEO & online optimization to drive success for you.  Your success = our success!

As we secure more Partners & fully prove our concept, our cost will be increasing to reflect that.

JOIN US now & secure your spot in Saskatchewan's Premier Virtual Wellness Directory, secure your spot in your category & grow with us!  We are using concepts that have been & continue to be wildly successful!  We're just one-of-a-kind in that we're applying these concepts specifically to wellness & all of Saskatchewan!

Short answer is yes!  For us to improve your online optimization & presence a website is necessary.  We use your logo, tagline, and keywords from your website as a big key focus in building your directory listing for you.  

If you're willing to get a site done as soon as feasibly possible, reach out to us by filling out the JOIN FORM and we'll let you know how you can secure a Premium spot today (with all the perks that come with it!) while you're site is being built.

There's a ton of perks for joining us now!  Our first 20 Partners will be known as Premium Partners and the perks are:

  • half the cost for the first year which is $315 after gst - that's 82 cents per day!
  • FREE listing time - your annual membership doesn't even start until we have at least 20 Partners!
  • Priority ranking in the directory and ALL category & keyword searches - first come, first serve!
  • more prominent & frequent feature in our Feature Partner section on our homepage
  • Submit guest blogs that are exclusive to our Partners up to 12 times a year vs 4 times for basic membership 
  • Get the fancier Premium Partner badge to showcase your directory listing and to display on your website & social platforms!


There's a ton of perks for Premium & Basic Partners alike.  Learn about 'em all here on the Join Page.  And don't forget, we've got our massive Giveaway on for our Partners too where you can win your membership!  More on the Giveaway & all the reasons to join now can be found here on our LG Blog page.

When we say we build the entire directory listing for you, that is 100% what we mean.  We will walk you through a short & simple process where you eventually send us a high quality image of your logo & yourself.  Other than  you sending us those two high quality images, we really need nothing else from you!

We use those images & the JOIN form you filled out to start building your listing.  We also extensively study your website & carefully bring all of the pertinent info from your website into your directory listing, and then, voila - it's complete!

You do have the option to send as a short 20 second video clip for us to incorporate within your short You Tube video ("radio ad"), but we can also send you the exact templates to use to make that easy-peasy for you.  This is just an option and is not required.  Some like to add that personal touch through a video, and some don't.  Either is 100% okay with us!

So, we repeat - we build your entire directory listing for you!  From the writing to the You Tube radio ad to the links & beyond, we build it all for you! 

Category Questions

There are several different types of reiki just as there’s several different types of energetic healing.  For example, there’s Usui, Holy Fire, Karuna and about 25 other different types of reiki.  Energetic healing can also take many forms whether it include crystal healings, body talk, tapping, sho tai, acupuncture, coaches, intuitives, psyhics, mediums, reiki, Shamans etc.  While reiki is a type of energetic healing, we’ve included it as a category on its own because there’s so many variations simply within reiki.