General Questions

If you’re wanting to shop your wellness options across the province, have at it!  That’s why we’re here!  And yes, it’s free!  If you’re a wellness business owner in Saskatchewan wanting to join us & become a Lit Garden Partner, we are an economic way to help your business thrive!  Read more on the JOIN PAGE.

We vet each & every Partner thoroughly.  We have a process in place where we assess each Partner’s expertise & ensure they’re a good fit for The Lit Garden.  We also ask you, the people of Saskatchewan, to nominate any wellness business that you’ve had an exceptional customer service experience with.  We also are incredibly mindful of any concerns raised to us about our Partners & we take those concerns seriously.  All of our Partners are trusted & accountable business owners.  We would accept nothing less into our garden!

Visit THE DIRECTORY page where you can search by key word or category to find Partners you’re interested in.  In the search bar, you can simply type online and all the Partners who offer online services will pop up.  As another option you can click the “learn more” button and to the right of their You Tube video you’ll see whether they offer in-person, online, or a hybrid of services.  

Service Questions

There are several different types of reiki just as there’s several different types of energetic healing.  For example, there’s Usui, Holy Fire, Karuna and about 25 other different types of reiki.  Energetic healing can also take many forms whether it include crystal healings, body talk, tapping, sho tai, acupuncture, coaches, intuitives, psyhics, mediums, reiki, Shamans etc.  While reiki is a type of energetic healing, we’ve included it as a category on its own because there’s so many variations simply within reiki.