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    Third, is review the Community Strategy in the same Member Access area.

    Here we outline our expectations which reiterates:

    • getting your badge, write-up, and Lit Garden link on your website
    • posting your badge, insect highlights, and quote images in your social media posts
    • follow The Lit Garden, Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching, and Believe to get ideas + inspirations as to how to do any + all of this
    • engaging with the Lit Garden community by liking, sharing, hearting our posts and each others’ posts
    • if you’re on Instagram to use the hashtags #thelitgarden, #getlitsk +/or #getlitsask and/or #getlitsaskatchewan, and #getlitmoosejaw (substitute for city you’re housed in)
    • be professional at all times

    Post as often as you like and in whatever fashion you’re used to!  The main difference now is that you have these marketing materials to add to your posts and we need to all engage with each other to combine our target markets into one mega-pool!

    The Lit Garden on Instagram is @the.lit.garden and on Facebook is @thelitgarden, and our social media links for Step Within + Believe are easily found in the directory!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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