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    I made a really large pivot amidst the pandemic.  I closed Within Physical Therapy and chose to “retire” my physical therapy license.  What I finally saw because of the pandemic were blatant + fundamental flaws within the identity of being a physical therapist and within the community of physical therapy.  So much so, I closed down the career I’d spent 21 years building.  It was like the change of perspective I had from being a conventional physio to being one holistically trained in a specialized model.  There was just no comparison.  Except this time, I was recognizing, that even with the vast growth from holistic physical therapy compared to the conventional way, we are just so far from where we actually need to be.  And I felt so strongly, that instead of addressing the physical body and whatever ailments we have in our form, we need to tune to the wisdom within to start our healing.  No more finding a fixer and expecting a Guru to cure whatever ails us… our journey within is primarily up to us.  And so, that’s what I do now.  Work from the inside – out, inside of the outside – in.  And without the pandemic, I’m certain I’d never have pivoted…  And Step Within and The Lit Garden wouldn’t be here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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