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    Our mission statement for our audience of clients:

    We support those of you seeking wellness + more out of life to find fulfillment + what you’re yearning for free from overwhelm + judgement.

    How can we as The Lit Garden community foster actively achieving this mission statement on a conscious + daily basis?

    • support
    • community
    • validation
    • no judgement
    • inspiration
    • growth
    • empowerment
    • trustworthy
    • motivational

    And, we can all:

    • share our transformation + wellness stories
    • engage in educational marketing
    • role model self care, proper boundaries, continual growth + evolution, and avoiding the competition + comparison mindset
    • remain humble + down-to-earth although we’re all driven professionals whom house a ton of knowledge
    • offer support, validation, and time to listen + appreciate a client’s life story
    • allow the client to drive their own wellness journey

    What are your ideas?  How else can we serve this mission statement?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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