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    For our Pioneers, we will not start your membership until we have reached 20(!!!) total directory listings! That means Day 1 of your annual membership only starts when we have 20 directory listing on our site! That could be days, weeks, or months of free exposure!!! And, you’d have 2 months free in addition to that free time where we’re recruiting other members!

    Pioneer Premium members will be listed at the top of the directory, followed then by the Basic Annual members, and then by the Basic Month-To-Month members.

    Plus, for our Pioneers, in addition to referral bonus #1 and #2, we will ALSO extend the 20% off bonus to cover an additional year of Premium Annual Membership in the 20% off Extension!
    * the 20% off Extension for our Pioneers will apply on your 4th referral and will either give you 20% off the next 2 years of Premium Annual Membership rates or we will freeze your Premium Annual Membership fee to this initial rate for the next 2 years, whichever is less in value.

    And, for any Premium Annual Member who refers us 10 new Premium Annual members, Pioneer or not, you will be placed into a draw for a Free Premium Annual Membership for next year!

    * the draw for a Free Premium Annual Membership will have one winner and will occur at a time specified by us Founders nearing the end of one year from the date of The Lit Garden launching.

    For more detailed info on the referral bonuses, see the Referral bonus posts!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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