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    The perks for our Premium Members are as follows!

    – significantly reduced cost: We want you all to get the full-meal deal, the full package, the “everything-under-the-sun” membership, and so our Premium Annual Membership is half (half!!!) the cost of our Month-to-Month Membership! As if that wasn’t enough, our Premium peeps also get 2 months of free membership compared to our Basic Annual Members!

    – fancy Premium Member badge: both the Basic and Premium badge are beautifully designed, but the Premium badge is just more upscale and eye-catching!

    – priority placement in the directory listing: our Pioneer Premium members will be listed at the top of the directory, followed then by the Basic Annual members, and then by the Basic Month-To-Month members

    – community communication: all Annual Members will be included in our email list to receive newsletters of updates/ announcements within the community, but only Premium Annual members will also have access to our Member Messenger system where we can chat online about a variety of topics, support each other, and take the community to the next level!

    – be spotlighted + showcased in social media: all Annual Members will be spotlighted + showcased in our social media, but only our Premium Annual members will have an interview with us focussed on what service/ product is being offered (with far more detail than what the 45-second video in the directory listing can offer)!

    – education webinars: access to our educational business webinars is limited to Premium Annual Members and will be focussed on hot business topics such as branding, marketing, social media strategies, and best-business practices!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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