Violet Wilde's Wilde Soul book club!

Hello Saskatchewan! I am Violet, owner of Wilde Soul Wellness.  I am a well-being life coach, intuitive energy practitioner, and seeker of all things magical and mystical.  I believe that everyone has a shining light within, an inner spark that wants to be revealed to fully embrace who you are and live a happier & healthier life.  The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by embracing the strengths of our mind, body, and soul synergistically. 

I love to learn!  I am currently enrolled in a few courses (including herbalism, business for introverts & holistic nutrition) with several more courses on my ‘want to do’ list.

I also have a large collection of books, many of which I have not read, although I am starting to dive into those instead of just buying more books.  I’ve been looking for a book club to join, but haven’t found one that feels like a good fit for me.  I didn’t want a large group, nor am I interested in horrors, thrillers & disturbing themes. (Those ones interrupt my sleep too much).

I wanted a small group with meaningful discussions, with a relaxed feel to it, and a safe space to share insights & personal thoughts.  So… I created the Wilde Soul book club with the theme of inspirational books: self-love, self-healing, healthy boundaries, connecting with our soul and intuition!


We are currently choosing our first book!  There are so many to choose from!  What is your favorite inspirational book?  And which ones are you eager to read next?  Are you interested in joining us?

Learn more & join me through my website right here at!

Plus, coaching with me offers an opportunity to gain clarity & insight into your current situation.  Whether you need help navigating a difficult decision, want to make a positive change, or simply need a listening ear, I can provide you with the safe space & support you need to move forward.

Learn more about me, Violet Wilde, and Wilde Soul Wellness through my Lit Garden directory listing.

Garden Love,