The new lit garden is here!

Hello Saskatchewan!  We are your Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Shop – Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory! 

What a journey it has been!  The Lit Garden started off as an idea back in October, 2020.  By the Summer of 2021 we had our initial website & platform built so we rolled out our idea, at that time, to our home community of Moose Jaw.  We realized quite quickly that we needed to expand our initial vision of connecting wellness entrepreneurs & wellness shoppers within Moose Jaw, to connecting wellness entrepreneurs & wellness shoppers across Saskatchewan. 

The realization that we needed to think bigger, expand, & do our damndest to become Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory was a wee bit daunting.  And to say it took a lot of time & work would be an understatement.  There were obstacles, twists & turns, and the journey was not at all what we expected it would be.  We needed to expand our website capabilities & our entire platform, so as our vision for The Lit Garden expanded, so did absolutely everything that needed to happen to bring that vision into reality. 

And now today’s finally the day we’ve been waiting for!  From that initial idea popping into our minds to now, just over two years later, is a small sign of how dedicated we are to this venture.  There hasn’t been one day that’s gone by without us working to bring this to life.  And standing here now, just over 2 years after that lightbulb-of-an-idea moment, we can honestly say we are exactly where we were meant to be all along, at exactly the right time.  And so, without further ado…

We are so incredibly pleased to unveil the new & improved Lit Garden to you! 

Our heart is this community of Saskatchewan & the foundation of community is connection.  With this focus, us Founders have been (& still are!) so determined to create a Lit Saskatchewan by bridging the gap between wellness experts & wellness shoppers.  Shoppers, we are here to give you an easy, enjoyable, user-friendly way to connect to the right wellness expert for you.  Wellness experts, we’re here to help you establish the online presence & everything you need to succeed.

Us Founders are a mother-daughter team & we have about 35 years between us in the wellness industry in Saskatchewan, so it’s safe to say we get it. 

We believe in community.  We believe in Saskatchewan.  We believe in supporting local.  And we believe in wellness.  And most importantly, we believe that together we can, and will, create a Lit Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan, let’s do this!  Learn more about The Lit Garden: Virtual Wellness Directory by browsing our NEW & IMPROVED website now!

Learn all of the basics on our HOME page, ABOUT us, & our MISSION now!  Saskatchewan, we love you. 

Garden Love,

Lynne & Maggie