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Believe with Maggie

Peace, harmony, and healing

Hi! I’m Maggie Brochu. I’m the Co-Founder of The Lit Garden. I also own + operate my reiki business Believe. I am a Usui reiki Master, and what makes me different from other reiki practitioners is I offer a 40-minute session rather than the hour because of the extensive course-work I’ve completed in a variety of energy disciplines including Training in Power. My extensive training makes my sessions rather potent so you receive the full powerful session in a shorter time as a result which is great because your time is precious too. I prepare a few days ahead of your appointment by tuning in to you, laying the groundwork for your upcoming sessions, and welcoming healing messages from the other side. After your session, I send you a written summary of the important things that came up for you during the session so you can reflect on it. I also continue to send you healing for the next 10 days. I offer sessions in-person, via phone, and virtually. I so look forward to working with you. Namaste.

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