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Patricia is located in Saskatoon & offers both in-person & online services.  Patricia offers leading-edge design services that fuse the principles of energy design with personal transformation, creating aligned design & decor that is truly yours.  Energy Design is neither Feng Shui nor your typical interior design.  It is your own precious self unfolding your wisdom & truth, influencing the person & life you want, and allowing your home to support that, all the while loving yourself home.


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Patricia is here to help women learn to live from the home within as they declutter & design their actual home, creating a home, self & life they love.  Imagine a home where you’ve learned to declutter what is not you & finding your true self in the process.  Patricia asks that you let her take you across the threshold of your home and into the deepest crevases of your heart & soul remembering you, while creating a home & life you love in the process.

Homeowner mentorship can take several forms including Design & Declutter, Home Balancing, Love Yourself Home coaching sessions, and The Awakened Home Mentorship program.  Patricia says home & life get messy, and you as soul know how to make it oh, so beautiful!  After decades of personal & professional experience, Patricia’s journey is about mentoring individuals and families to understand the interconnections between their home and who they are.  Patricia cares deeply about how your home supports your personal life journey & overall well being.  Patricia uses words like energy, consciousness, spirit and soul as she talks about design, while also embracing classic design principles that make a space look beautiful.  Learn more about Patricia here on her About Me page.

What others say about us!

“Working on the Awakened Home Mentorship Program with you has changed my life.  I loved the program.  Patricia is encouraging, insightful & compassionate. I thought it would be decluttering tips to help clear out the house from a lifetime of Mom’s hoarding, instead it’s been a journey about who I am and want to be. Finding myself in the midst of this chaos is the greatest gift I could’ve given myself.” – D. C.

“I’ve worked with Patricia for 18+ years as I went through different transitions in my life because it’s always helped.  It helped when I retired, was supporting my aging parents, lost my partner and then moved into a new home.” – P.L.

“Thank you for the Home Balancing.  Not only did I receive an unexpected pay increase, my son is sleeping much better and I’m back in the creative mode!” – L.P.

“I am so grateful for the Awakened Home Mentorship Program and there are so many takeaways such as the room I disliked the most in my home is now my favorite.  The Family room felt dark, gloomy and far from the warm gathering place it’s name represents. Embracing this room in my home & bringing light into it was about allowing the light come into me as well by facing & letting go of trauma and grief. In the process, with Patricia’s unending support, I began recreating my visual space by letting go of some things, replacing others & painting over dark walls.  I learned to give myself permission to make changes when & where needed. I can now go to all those memories with gratitude to feel joy and accomplishment.  The room itself now embraces me as well with welcoming, relaxing comfort. I feel reminded to explore what represents my true self in my surroundings.” – Christine

“Energy Design Interiors is a bold idea – working on one’s consciousness through inner examination of forgotten/unwilling to touch shadows. Through loving words and Patricia Barclay’s soothing voice I was able to reconsider – going back in time, looking at many thought patterns, emotions and feelings that weren’t needed anymore. Myself and my home were liberated. Now it is a place with a joyous, invigorating “heart” to wake up and spend proactive hours in, with wondrous business results.” – Dara S.

“I was in the midst of renovating my home when I had the opportunity to have a Home Balancing. Wow! What I thought this was going to be and what it was were two very different things. This is not Feng Shui. This is you and Patricia sharing sacred space with the “Essense” of your home, shifting and adjusting items allowing more Living Energy into it. What it brought to my attention was riveting and helpful for my life. The way I feel and the connection I have with my home now is so different and amazing. I had no idea this would be the outcome. This is something everyone needs and they don’t even know it.” – D.B.

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