Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

We offer BOTH In Person & Virtual services

Intuitive Energetic Coaching

Services Offered

Services offered include:

Lynne Brochu is a wellness personal Coach, Intuitive & Energy Healer.  Lynne offers Readings, Energetic Healing & wellness Coaching.  Lynne offers a combination of online & in-person services!  Lynne is all about wellness, intuition, Energy Healing & Brain-Training which you can learn more about here on the Science & Magic page.  Lynne also covers the top FAQs about her services here on the FAQ page!  Learn more about Lynne & how she strives to help all of her clients live a life of purpose, joy, serenity & freedom.

Lynne is also a Teacher for the Training in Power Academy (TIPA).  As a Teacher for TIPA, Lynne teaches a variety of courses based in Meditation & Energetic Healing. These courses are currently offered in-person in Moose Jaw & area.

More Info

Lynne is the Founder of The Lit Garden!  Lynne helps clients get unstuck and attain their wellness goals through Energy Healing & Brain-Training.  Lynne believes wellness goal attainment just takes the CTRL-ALT-DEL that comes with Energy Healing paired with Brain-Training, and with this formula, anything is possible!  Life needs to be more than a series of “to do” lists!  Lynne brings forward a ton of knowledge from the prior 20+ years she devoted to holistic physical therapy.  Learn more here on her About page

Lynne offers a combination of online & in-person services.  Online Coaching & Energetic Healing allows you to participate from the comfort of your very own home!  Lynne also offers in-person Readings & Energy Healing sessions in Moose Jaw.  Learn more on the Working With Me page & on the Phases & Details page.

What others say about us!

“My experience was life changing. I used to think wellness meant food & movement and while that does have a place, it’s only a small sliver of what I think wellness is now.  My goals went in a whole different direction then I thought, but that needed to happen & I couldn’t have gotten there on my own”… – Mallory Klein

“My experience was excellent!  Lynne is a very intuitive, warm, calming person & she’s so supportive letting you grow at your own pace. It has been easy to trust & feel comfortable with Lynne.  I was very hesitant about the investment but that is exactly what it is – an investment for your well being & it’s worth every dollar”… – Lenora Morhart

“Before working with Lynne, I was hesitant about doing energetic work online instead of in person.  I didn’t think it would feel that effective when not physically in the same room, but I was definitely wrong!  If you’ve been considering working with Lynne, I’d say just go for it & give her a shot!”… – Rhaea Stinn

“Lynne gives you the tools to enable yourself to work thru & around many life obstacles, setting you on a higher path if you trust, believe & work thru the processes.  Her unwavering empathy, support, energy & love elevate your mindset to know that there are limitless possibilities in your life if you shift your perspective”… – Rhonda Kwan

“Her organization makes the whole process, from start to finish, easy & manageable, while being highly effective.  Her support is unwavering and she goes above & beyond to hold space for your process, whatever pace you are moving at”… – Richelle Galay Cartwright

“I feel that Step Within has given me the thrust or momentum to get off the plateau where I’ve been stagnant. Step Within gave me a sense of empowerment that I didn’t know I had”… – Maggie Brochu

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