Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

We offer BOTH In Person & Virtual services

Intuitive Energetic Coaching

Services Offered

Services offered include:

  • Readings & Card Readings
  • Energetic Healing
  • Intuitive Wellness Coaching
  • Meditation & Energetic Courses
  • On Demand Services

Lynne Brochu is a wellness personal coach, intuitive & energy healer.  Lynne offers intuitive & energetic reading, energetic healing & wellness coaching in whatever combination & to whatever degree you desire.  Lynne offers a combination of online & in-person services!  Lynne is all about wellness, intuition, energy healing & brain-training.  Lynne covers the top FAQs about her services here on the FAQ page!  Learn more about Lynne & how she strives to help all of her clients live a life of purpose, joy, serenity & freedom!

Alongside being a wellness coach, intuitive & energy healer, Lynne is also a Teacher for the Training in Power Academy (TIPA).  As a Teacher for TIPA, Lynne teaches a variety of courses based in meditation & energetic healing. These courses are currently offered in-person in Moose Jaw & area.  Learn more about these courses by scrolling down to The Power of Meditation section here on the Recommended Page.

More Info

Lynne is the Founder of The Lit Garden!  Lynne helps clients get unstuck by offering tools & strategies to easily work through stress & attain wellness goals.  Lynne believes it’s all about addressing unhealthy or survival patterns through energy healing & brain-training our way to achieving wellness goals because life needs to be more than a series of “to do” lists!  Lynne believes the CTRL-ALT-DEL that comes with energetic healing paired with brain-training can achieve anything!  Lynne brings forward both science & intuitive/ energetic knowledge from the prior 21 years she devoted to holistic physical therapy.  Learn more here on her About page and Science & Magic page.

Lynne offers a combination of online & in-person services.  Online coaching & energetic healing allows you to participate from the comfort of your very own home!  Lynne also offers in-person readings & energy healing sessions in Moose Jaw.  Learn more about her process here on the Working With Me page & on the Phases & Details page.

What others say about us!

“My experience was life changing. I used to think wellness meant food & movement and while that does have a place, it’s only a small sliver of what I think wellness is now.  My goals went in a whole different direction then I thought, but that needed to happen & I couldn’t have gotten there on my own”… – Mallory Klein

“My experience was excellent!  Lynne is a very intuitive, warm, calming person & she’s so supportive letting you grow at your own pace. It has been easy to trust & feel comfortable with Lynne.  I was very hesitant about the investment but that is exactly what it is – an investment for your well being & it’s worth every dollar”… – Lenora Morhart

“Before working with Lynne, I was hesitant about doing energetic work online instead of in person.  I didn’t think it would feel that effective when not physically in the same room, but I was definitely wrong!  If you’ve been considering working with Lynne, I’d say just go for it & give her a shot!”… – Rhaea Stinn

“Lynne gives you the tools to enable yourself to work thru & around many life obstacles, setting you on a higher path if you trust, believe & work thru the processes.  Her unwavering empathy, support, energy & love elevate your mindset to know that there are limitless possibilities in your life if you shift your perspective”… – Rhonda Kwan

“Her organization makes the whole process, from start to finish, easy & manageable, while being highly effective.  Her support is unwavering and she goes above & beyond to hold space for your process, whatever pace you are moving at”… – Richelle Galay Cartwright

“I feel that Step Within has given me the thrust or momentum to get off the plateau where I’ve been stagnant. Step Within gave me a sense of empowerment that I didn’t know I had”… – Maggie Brochu

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