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Synapse Counselling Services

Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor

Take a moment to ask yourself:
• Do you find yourself struggling with the mental aspects of an injury, illness, or chronic pain and wishing you could feel like yourself again?
• Are you tired of waiting for the “new normal” everyone keeps talking about?
• Do you feel like no one in your life gets it or that you’re being a burden on them?
• Are you frustrated with everyone in your life telling you to “feel better” or “get well soon”, but not offering any real support?
• Have you taken on caregiving responsibilities for a loved one with a medical condition, but you’re feeling tired, guilty, or burnt out?
If any of these statements resonate with you, I’m happy to help. My counselling approach is client-focused and strengths-based, meaning that you are the driving force behind our counselling sessions and we work together to find and grow your natural resilience. You may not be able to fully “recover” from your condition, but I can help you feel more confident in your ability to cope with the challenges it presents and find your voice in advocating for your needs. Let’s talk.

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