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Training in Power

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Hi there! I’m Lynne Brochu – Owner of Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching and Founder of The Lit Garden! I’m also a Certified Teacher through the Training in Power Academy for Meditation and Healing! Training in Power couples course work + lecture with active meditation, quantum physics, vibrational psychology + ancient energy systems. Training in Power is geared towards utilizing all of these systems to Manifest, live a life of Passion, and live a life of Wellness. Level 1 is the main introductory course offered through Training in Power and I am honored to teach Level 1 in-person as well as online. For more detailed information on what Level 1 entails as well as further course offerings from Training in Power, please visit the Power of Meditation section on the Recommended page of my Step Within website! If you’re interested, contact me! While there’s a ton of information for you to peruse in that Power of Meditation section on my site, I have additional information I can forward to you and/or I’d love to chat with you about this profound healing + meditation system. There’s additional information about Training in Power on my social media links for you too!

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