Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We offer Only Virtual services

Life Coaching for Your Mind, Body & Soul

Services Offered

Services offered include Life & Wellness coaching combined with:

  • Energy & spiritually based modalities
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Herbalist consults
  • Intuitive & oracle card readings
  • Mediumship
  • Space clearings
  • Meditation

Violet Wilde is a certified life & wellness coach who offers coaching services in combination with Reiki, energy healing, life & wellness coaching, oracle card reading, spiritual guidance, meditation, guided imagery, supplement advising and herbalism.  Reiki and other energy healing modalities are complementary and alternative therapies based on life energy (prana/chi/vital energy) of all living things. Energy healing modalities work to balance the energy flow through our mind, body, and soul, removing blocked energy to feel more vibrant and at ease.  Violet’s services are all online.  Violet offers single sessions or coaching packages that you can learn more about here on her Services & Pricing pages.

More Info

As a certified Life Coach, Violet can help you understand & successfully manage whatever life throws at you.  Violet works with clients to achieve well-being & balance in all aspects of life.  Violet provides comprehensive services on mindset, spirituality, and whole body health guidance to help you feel the confidence & support you need to overcome challenges.  Violet is here to help you live your best life!  Learn more here on her Home and About pages.

The essence of Violet’s work is to facilitate self-growth.  Violet specializes in creating personalized plans and providing the necessary tools & resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your desired goals.  Violet has an extensive toolbox including the following: B.Sc. Chemistry, B.A. Psychology with Distinction, Beautiful You Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Spiritual & Energy Healer, Soul Alignment & Channeling, Space Clearing, Mediumship, Oracle Card Reading, Certified Yoga Instructor, Supplement Advisor & Herbalism.

What others say about us!

“This was my first time working with a life coach and it was so enlightening for me, that someone you don’t know could come in and hold your hand and walk you through the steps to achieve certain goals. The accountability was awesome and empowering. I am much more confident and believe in a successful future. I really enjoyed talking with Violet, she had this calming effect to her voice and it helped me to realize that I could face my fears, as she lovingly nudged me along. I highly recommend Violet to anyone who is ready to take that leap and change their life. Thank you so much!” – T.S.

“Violet is amazing! She’s kind, gentle, and generous. I absolutely love her energy – it’s stable and grounded, which is very helpful. Violet did a card reading for me and it was unbelievably thorough… so much helpful information! She is one of those people that you’re glad you have in your life… she makes it better. Thank you Violet!” – A.S.

“At a transitional time in my life, you helped me say goodbye to the house. It made it so much easier to sell. I feel at peace with the decision and am not dreading leaving. It will still be sad, but not devastating. I have you to thank for that. I just wanted you to know how much that session helped.” – C.K.

“I was excited and curious going into our first session. Violet has a natural ability to communicate transparently and authentically. When I was stuck, she was willing to offer support to move in a direction that would work for me. She could do that only because she had listened so well to understand my desires. Through coaching, I am better able to prioritize myself, say no to others when I need to. What others may perceive as ‘selfishness’, is really just me taking care of myself. I’ve also discovered that my spiritual practice does not have to be routine, it can be one where I am free to practice when and where I want.” – S.B.

“Violet’s amazing insight and encouragement throughout coaching made a world of difference for me on how I feel about myself; and it brought back my excitement. I felt supported, on the right track, excited about what I am doing, peaceful and happy with myself and who I am for the first time ever. Just having that knowing feeling that everything is going to be OK was very comforting for me. The biggest change within myself is my improved confidence and acceptance of who I am and what I do; that what I do and say is valuable and important.” – H.R.

“I had so many insights during our work together which I am so thankful for. I felt that I could trust you, and that you had my back. Coaching provided insight for me on how to live with awareness; and where I want and need to go in life, my business, and all aspects are now super clear to me. I am so confident in each step I take now, it feels really calm and amazing! I definitely feel the changes! I love the power of coaching!” – E.B.

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