The Lit Garden in the press!

Hello Saskatchewan!  We love you & want to thank you for your outpouring of support!  Many of you have reached out expressing how much you share in our vision, and well, we feel that’s pretty LIT of you!

We are Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory!  And our community is growing daily!

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If you’re just getting to know us, think of us as a high-quality online directory – except better!  We offer a virtual shopping mall filled with wonderful locally owned health & wellness Partners. Think of us as an online 24/7 & 365 wellness tradeshow! 

We are currently in Phase 1 where we’re welcoming & securing wellness experts across the province to join us & become a Partner.  Check out our earlier blogs that highlight Why Partners May Want to Join us Now and the Massive Giveaway we’re doing for Partners!

From there we’ll enter Phase 2 where we encourage you wellness shoppers from across the province to come browse & connect to the best wellness expert for you!  Watch for a giveaway just for you shoppers!

We’d love your referrals!  Partners & shoppers alike – please join us! 

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And encourage Partners to JOIN US to help our directory continue to grow so there’s a plethora of options, A through Z, for all of our wellness shoppers across the province!  Joining is easy-peasy,  inexpensive & there’s a ton of perks & benefits!  Seriously, it’s pretty great…

Thank you for being here.  We appreciate you.

Garden Love,

Lynne & Maggie