Who we are

We are a community of alternative yet like-minded passionate + collaborative business owners throughout Saskatchewan bringing our clients the most efficient + easy access to everything wellness. We are high-achieving + driven professionals that have the knowledge + know-how you’re looking for, and yet we remain humble + down-to-earth.

We are not the mainstream nor the conventional treatment options. We are a community of individual businesses who define themselves as being alternative, organic, energy +/or holistic-based, + wellness-oriented.

For our clients, we are your  one-stop virtual wellness shop of businesses that encompass everything wellness + self-empowerment.

Browse our site, directory, and search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for easily + quickly. See something from a member that really piques your interest? Use the links to further explore that member’s website + social media seamlessly!

Together we are the sunlight, rain, nutrients, care + grit behind the vision The Lit Garden. We are a community offering support + validation, knowledge + empowerment, collaboration + growth. We believe we all have a voice and a right to be heard + validated. We believe together, we can build a lit community.

Tired of either getting no relief or short-term relief? Want to explore your options? Want to be in the driver’s seat and take charge of your own wellness? Want to access a community of knowledge + support? Browse our membership directory to find the right fit for you + get started on your wellness journey!

We don’t dispute that there is certainly a need for the conventional + mainstream treatment options that exist today, but we also feel alternative + wellness-based businesses are overlooked and not given the credibility + respect we deserve. We believe that ultimately clients have the right + free will to explore their options and drive their own wellness journey, whether that be primarily mainstream, primarily alternative, or a combination of the two.

What we're about

We’re all about community over competition. Our intention is to create a lit community by bridging wellness-based businesses + our target audiences. We’re the type of people who believe in caring for + investing in ourselves (and our businesses) to propel growth. We’re all about striving to be our best selves and always evolving through continual growth + empowerment.

We're all about being:







Open + Honest