Meet the Founder of The Lit Garden!


Hello Saskatchewan!  I’m Lynne Brochu, Founder of The Lit Garden, & I’m ecstatic you’re here!

I’m all about wellness.  I’m the type to go where my heart, my soul, & the evidence guides me, which, quite often, in the wellness arena means venturing outside the mainstream.  This is also why bringing The Lit Garden idea & vision into reality has been beyond important to me.  It’s a heart & soul endeavor.  My destiny & life purpose, even.  To bring a virtual wellness directory to this beautiful community we call home & to create a Lit Saskatchewan, is there anything better?  Saskatchewan, you deserve to know your wellness options & you deserve to drive your wellness journey, however that looks for you.

While I started in the mainstream wellness arena as a conventional physical therapist, I spent the better years of my career training into & using a specialized holistic model.  I then chose to pivot into a wellness coaching business in October, 2020 after the pandemic circumstances urged me to make a change.

I guess you could say I’m unique in that I couple science with intuitive & energetic work as a general wellness personal coach in my business Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching.  I bring forward all of that knowledge from the 20+ years I devoted to my prior physical therapy career.

I had the lightbulb-moment & the idea to formulate The Lit Garden almost immediately after launching Step Within. I am beyond thankful that my mom, Maggie, agreed to partner with me and help bring The Lit Garden to life.  I couldn’t have done it without her & without the 35 years of combined experience we have working in the wellness industry in Saskatchewan.

I am also oh-so grateful that you are here checking out The Lit Garden & I sincerely hope you find all you need to live a life of wellness. True wellness which, to me, means we are absolutely thriving in all life areas. 

Learn more about me & my journey by visiting my Lit Garden directory listing! 

To living our most Lit life,

Lynne Brochu