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Hi there!  I’m Violet Wilde of Wilde Soul Wellness!  I am a certified life coach utilizing several energy & spiritual healing modalities, herbalism, and holistic nutrition. 

I grew up on the Canadian prairies & have lived in Saskatoon for over 30 years.  After a 25-year chemistry career, I changed direction & returned to university to complete a four-year psychology degree.  I then added training as a certified life coach, several energy and spiritual healing modalities, herbalism & holistic nutrition.

I am a self-discovery life coach, intuitive, energy & spiritual coach, budding herbalist, and seeker of all things magical & mystical.  I believe that everyone has a shining light within, an inner spark.  My intuitive & empathic nature guides clients to realign with their life path.  My science background supports my most recent endeavors in herbalism, holistic nutrition, and supplement advising.

Through difficult personal life events, I struggled until I found a spiritual mentor to help me create a meditative practice and explore my spirituality. This began my journey to other teachers of various energy & spiritual healing modalities.  A few years later when health issues arose and the conventional medical system was unable to provide support, I again turned to complementary & alternative medicine (CAM).  Along with continuing on my spiritual journey, I revived my childhood interest in herbalism to support my return to health.

I work primarily with women through mid-life who feel the call from deep within to reconnect & prioritize themselves, and to listen to their own inner guidance.  Many women spend the first half of life focusing their energy on others and what is expected of them.  A woman’s mid-life awakening often occurs with significant life events, and we are “allowed” more time to consider what we actually want out of life & who we are.  Common questions during this life phase are “What is the meaning of life?”, or “What is my purpose?”.  What is your own soul calling for?

Our mind, body & soul must work together to support our whole life journey.  Physical symptoms and ailments often manifest through unresolved emotional (mind) & spiritual (soul) challenges.  Through my knowledge and experiences, I can assist you on your life journey through energy & spiritual coaching to realign your life path, as well as provide support for your physical body.

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call!  I’d love to virtually meet you!  You can do that, learn more about me & Wilde Soul Wellness by visiting my Lit Garden Directory Listing!

Garden Love,