Need more reasons to join? Look no further!

Hello fellow Saskatchewanian!  Thanks for being here!  We are Saskatchewan’s premier virtual wellness directory – a growing community of local Saskatchewan wellness businesses.  We are securing accountable & exceptional business Partners NOW to fill up our 24/7, 365 online wellness tradeshow so that the people of Saskatchewan have an easy-peasy time shopping their wellness options. 

Folks need information lightning-fast today & it’s safe to say we all rely on technology.  But googling local wellness options is endless & there’s so much outdated/ unmaintained information.  Googling depends on key words, but what if folks don’t even know what key words to be searching for to find you?  What if the best wellness option for folks isn’t even on their radar because they just don’t know about you & what you offer?  At the very best the whole experience is frustrating & overwhelming.  We know it.  We’ve lived it.  Countless times.  Where folks need more information, it just isn’t there.  When folks find information that seems bang-on & excitedly click to explore, they find a band-aid & duct-taped website that was done eons ago, was never updated & is now completely irrelevant.  Sigh. 

Solution!  Enter The Lit Garden!

Look, according to Stats Canada, 90% of Saskatchewan people are online.  According to Insightrix, 96% of Canadians research online before making a purchase.  No surprise, that we all use the internet daily. 

Everyone in business promotes themselves.  Everyone’s doing the same ‘ol thing.  Pumping out posts & trying with all their might to get established online.  But… if we may address the proverbial elephant in the room… most everyone in small business in the wellness sector have incredibly poor online presence.  Most also find marketing & SEO & all that stuff incredibly intimidating.  We know it.  We’ve lived it.  We’ve been there.

So, why not do things differently?  We’re about taking a stand against the norm of every man (or woman!) for himself & the lone wolf mentality.  We are taking a stand for COMMUNITY over competition.  You can work alone if that suits you, but it’ll absolutely cost you more money, time, effort & it’ll just be exponentially harder, not to mention frustrating.  To see growth at a snail’s pace despite doing all you know to do in the hustle-mode is like a punch to the gut & a good kick in the shin.  We know it.  We’ve lived it.  We’ve been there.  Countless times.

Until we said “No more!” and invested a lot of our dollars into perfecting this kick-ass wellness directory, local not only to your small-town or city-center, but to all of Saskatchewan!  Straight up, YOU rank incredibly higher in google searches just by being listed in our directory!  Our marketing experts know how to (& have!) successfully built amazing authority in search engine rankings.  We’ve been busy working with these marketing mavericks who have over a decade in building & running successful directories within this beautiful province we call home. 

There’s many initiatives out there today using a similar blueprint of banning together to reach a larger target market than could ever be done alone.  You’ve all likely seen it in social media groups or though local chamber community initiatives.  This blueprint has & continues to work!  We’re just unique in that we’re using this blueprint to focus on WELLNESS and to focus on ALL of SASKATCHEWAN!  Now that our platform is perfected, we know this will be successful – it’s simply a matter of when.  And that “when” will be at the time it was always meant to be.  We’d love to walk that journey & celebrate it with you.

So, we are securing Partners now who have the expertise & capability to be wellness Leaders for Saskatchewan.  Those who are driven, desire to ever-grow, are called to service & who desire to step forward into this role no matter how initially uncomfortable that might be.  Knowing you have our full support & that we exist to promote you.  We are after Partners who view their position as an honor, privilege & call to service, and who are absolutely community-driven.  It’s a PARTERNSHIP which means we work together, not just to benefit ourselves, but to benefit our entire community of wellness experts AND the entire community of Saskatchewan. 

Why else join now? 

  • The number of Partners we accept into The Lit Garden will be limited & is on a first-come first-serve basis.  We will be considering the category the Partner is in, if their product/ service is offered solely in-house or online, the region of the province they’re in & many other factors. 

  • The cost to becoming a Partner of The Lit Garden will only go up!  We are working hard to position our Partners as wellness experts for Saskatchewan and we help with everything marketing, SEO & online optimization to drive success for you.  Your success = our success! 

  • We have built a brilliant tech platform that is specific to wellness & specific to Saskatchewan.  We are working to welcome new people & expand now that our custom platform is perfected.  The time is NOW!

  • We’ll be driving potential customers to your online booth 24/7 & 365!  The ball’s then in your court to land the sale, deliver an exceptional customer service experience, drive word of mouth & repeat customers!   

  • You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!  In exchange for you hopping on board early, we don’t even begin your membership until we have at least 20 Partners secured.  Plus there’s so many perks for being an early Partner!  For example, be 1 of the first 20 Partners & your investment is only 82 cents per day!  82 cents!  As if that wasn’t pretty great, we’re also doing a GIVEAWAY for a free membership!  Read more on that here in our prior blog post!

  • We exist to promote YOU individually, by category, across our site, in our social media, in blogs exclusive to you & via our newsletter in every possible way we can.  Who else is going to do that for you?  We’ll be doing spotlight posts, category posts, & expert tip posts in social media where we also highlight your blogs & expertise to all of Saskatchewan in a myriad of ways.

  • We make your listing for you which consists of a radio ad on You Tube, a write-up, & direct links to your social media, website, booking page, contact page etc.  You have the option to submit a short personal video to be used in your radio ad if you want to add that extra face-to-face connection to your audience. 

  • We know the wellness business & we know what wellness shoppers need!  All of our combined 35 years of knowledge in this area has been woven into our platform seamlessly.  We believe we can & will be the Kijiji of wellness for Saskatchewan!

If you want to join us now, secure your spot in Saskatchewan’s Premier Virtual Wellness Directory, secure your spot in your category, help shape the future & set the tone, we’d welcome the opportunity to ever-grow with you!  Learn more by clicking below!

Garden Love,

Lynne & Maggie